On a rainy day

It is basically like that : If you live in Ireland, getting rain in the middle of the summer would be quite normal. I am living back in Paris for a few months, and did not expect the sort of weather we have been enduring lately. But I believe, my time in Ireland gives me a huge advantage on my French counterparts. I have the ability to still look quite cute on the rainy days!

To me rainy days re just one more occasion to dress playfully! Think macs and raincoats, and wellies with miniskirts!

I absolutely love pairing a damaged miniskirt (gorgeous Levi’s ones in Urban Outfitters), a cute colourful top and my mac with some golden flats, to brighten up the day!

I have this absolutely gorgeous pair of  red flats, that I wore to death and are now on my shelves, unworn but loved to bits! I wore them, on a dreadful day, and got this compliment from this very North Dublin pub owner :

-“Sure, with shoes like that, it can be summer everyday!” And I truly believe he was right!

So go on, don’t stay under your black umbrella, pick up a bright coat, shoes, and a cute hat or umbrella, and enjoy the day whatever the weather!


Trench coat Gap



Miniskirt Levis
Top Urban outfitters
Wellies Avoca  / Flats Pretty ballerina
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One thought on “On a rainy day

  1. Oooo I love those wellies! Avoca rocks socks!

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