LL Bean

This article is about one thing I affectionate particularly. It must have something to do with spending all my summers in Connecticut as a child! The LL Bean bag, or bags in my case. LL Bean is an American, East Coast based company. All their bags are still made in Maine. The quality is just fantastic as the canvas is the thickest you can imagine, and they’re pretty cheap for what you get out of them. Even us European girls can have them, as they deliver, and you mainly shop online, when you shop LLBean. The tote bag is their best piece, you customise it, choose the colours and details of the bag, and even monogram it with your name, and this is the detail, that really makes the LLBean tote so unique!

I got mine when I was fourteen, as a birthday present from my uncle, it’s a large, it’s pink and it has my name on it. It’s adorable, and been through everything. The size is perfect for a week end, even a long one. It’s very roomy, and you can store, more than what you think, you could. It has the absolute perfect plane size, you can carry it around the airport, it’s OK with the long handles, and it fits perfectly in the overhead bin on the plane. As I’m going to the states this summer, I have two of them on my wishlist. I want a completely custom one, I’ll put three colours on it, and it’ll be a medium, perfect size as a student college, to store my laptop plus binders.

I also want the small one, just as a cute everyday tote bag, that will be resistant and  cute for everyday things, I love that it’ll always look bright, with the offwhite background and the red handles.


These bags really add a preppy touch to any outfit. They definitely have that casual American east  coast look. I would say it’ll “preppy up” any outfit, but I love wearing with a nod to American colleges, with a cute skirt, a top or polo and a summer cardi. Think Alexa Chung’s style, to mess it up a bit, and not look like you’re straight out of an Ivy league college brochure. I would not get stuck with a Gossip Girl style with this bag.

LLBean are also great for duffle bags, they’re super strong, and there again, you can choose your colours and have it monogrammed. I have the medium, great and roomie enough to travel for 10 days, but if you fill it up,  it won’t fit in the overhead bin of a plane. I had it with me on my last trip, and even half empty, the stewardess looked at me suspiciously… I would advise anyone interested in a large or extra large duffle to get wheels on it (it’s an option), otherwise, they might be very heavy! If I had to do it again I would get a small, for a week end.

 I really love LLBean for their good quality and the good price that goes with it, and if they’re quite common in the states, they’ll definitely make you stand out in Europe, especially the adorable tote!

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