Trinity Ball

Flapper style hairband

Flapper style hairband

 Last time I went back to Ireland, happened to be the Trinity ball, and I was lucky enough to go. First : the acts were brilliant, but there is no need to go over this again, as I am sure you all have heard great reviews about it…

What is it with guys in tuxes? It makes everyone so much better looking! I absolutely adore tuxes, they’re so smart, and always look brilliants, especially worn with a bit of confidence!

For girls, it’s not quite that easy, because if guys just have to slip in their regular tux, the one they have since their debs. Girls have a lot more to think about! What shoes to wear, the dress, what kind of make up, hair-do and the tan.

As for myself, this year, I have decided to go in a very festivally practical look!

My favourite go out dress, is a great find from Topshop, that I bought in a rush one day. It’s navy blue, perfect length, perfect shape! The neckline is not too deep and it’s just shorter than knee lengh. It’s a bit floaty and plays with transparence, which makes it sexy but not tacky.  I wore it with navy blue, Bensimon sneakers (the most practical summery ones). The assorted look was cute enough, to be partying, but practical for the cobblestones and muck!


 In my tousled hair, I just put a Topshop hairband, with a bow. It was so easy to throw on, and perfect I thought. A lot of girls were wearing converse or flat sandals. The ones that were having fun at least. The other ones, it their heels, couldn’t go anywhere, or decided to drop the shoes, as a lot of stilettos were found afterwards…


Bensimon Sneakers

Bensimon Sneakers

I think the key was really a cute practical dress, in which you were comfy, and flats, that had a kick, to look like you’d made an effort.

Topshop dress

Topshop dress

The next day, I discovered a brand at Arnotts called Max C, carrying gorgeous knee lengh all occasions party dresses, in plain colours. And for only 55€, that’s a real bargain! I think you’ll see me scouting Arnotts next time I’m over in Dublin!

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