Good Morning England!!


I have read quite a few negative comments about this movie. And a lot of them said : very disapointing for the “Love Actually/Notting Hill” crew. I really don’t think so, but here’s the thing,  I went to see it completely randomly! I had no idea who was in it, had no idea who directed it, just thought, I would go see a movie about music. And, boy, I wasn’t disapointed! The soundtrack I bought it straight away and it countains 36 songs, spread in two hours. There is always a track playing in the background in this movie! I really liked it! So much that I went to see it in France when it came out six weeks later!

It’s got a great positive and funky vibe, and I love the clothes! Rhys Ifans, give me this milatary style jacket!!!

Rhys Ifans, by the way, is a wonderful actor! Who would have thought that Spike from Notting Hill could one day become, the 60s sexy legend? Not me, and even though he doesn’t have the gorgeous aura of “Midnight Mark”, he’s far from “underwear Spike” as people call him in France.

I know it’s now too late to catch it at the cinema, but I think it’s worth getting the DVD, and watching it with a group of friends!

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