Marc by Marc Jacobs Paris



Since November 2008, Paris can pride itself to have its very own Marc by marc Jacobs shop.

A Marc by Marc store, gives you the opportunity to get the lovely accessories etc, but also gives you the great opportunity to access the “special items” or “Jacobs by Marc jacobs” lines. They offer a very cheap line of articles.

Their best ones, are the bags, and I’m also quite keen on their wellies. The “special items” line is only available at the Marc by marc Jacobs store, so In paris (Place du marché St Honoré 75001 paris), London and I heard in the hamptons, and New York.

The tote bags are just as adorable as it gets, and they look like they’re actually part of the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection! I love the suede detai and the MJ silver looking details, as well as the monogrammed zipper! The fact that there is a zip, adds a lot, means you can take it with you on the plane, and everywhere, and it doesn’t look too beachy, even though I’ll have it by my side, this summer when I’ll be holidaying in Mexico! And when the college years rolls on again, it’s big enough to contain all my school boogs, binders etc… I wanted a grey one at first, but saw three girls snapping them before me… I got an old rose one, and after thinking about it, I like better, because much more original!

The wellies, are very good too, black with the bright colour detail at the top and sole. They look like good quality, and will be useful, as the festival season is coming!

But thoughtful Marc, has decided to offer even more : flip flop that come in different colours, beach towel (I think I’ll get one, the colours are very bright and summery!), backpack etc…

And the usual are still there, rings, evening clutches (that now come in leather too), totes and keyrings. They also have a leather carry all, that’s reversible and quite chic! for 91€, you can afford a designer leather handbag, not bad!

Marc has had a great idea, because it drags so many people to the shop, and I love the concept that everyone should be able to afford a designer item, very much my policy!

For photos :

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