Barbara Bui’s “Pirat Boots”

S5133CRS31Ever since I saw that photo of Sienna Miller, I ‘ve wanted those boots. Then, I read in Glamour UK, they were a Vivienne Westwood’s staple, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

I remember the first time I saw Barbara Bui’s “copy” of the boots, I made a face, and commented “only the real ones for me”. But when I was given a voucher for Barbara Bui, I quickly changed my tune, and ran to the Faubourg St Honoré boutique (gorgeous shop by the way), and tried on a pair.

Now, All I have to do is wait for a cold day, to wear them with my favourite distressed mini, a check top, I really like and a long cardi.

I never really had any time for Barbara Bui, but if I still really don’t like a lot of the clothes, the shoes, are so good, very comfy and quite unique. The only problem remains the very high prices. So I really thankg god for my gift voucher!

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