Autumn 2011 wish list

This Autumn, I know what I want to wear and I have found myself to almost (OK, completely) wish for temperatures to drop for a few days to have an excuse to wear my new finds.

As everybody knows, the best pieces will be snapped before anyone can say “September” you need to buy the best pieces featured in the magasines as soon as the magasines come out.

My boyfriend was appalled I was already looking at winter fashion a few days into August but that’s the way the game is played so be it, I will buy my winter dream items before mid August comes, when the shops have got them in stock.

My dream scarf was spotted in the August issue of Vogue (bought in July, the summer sale wasn’t even over yet). It’s one of those chunky numbers, by Cos and it’s red, it looks so cosy, and will give a great touch of colour to a dark winter outfit, and I know it will brighten up my days when the night comes at 4.

My second one is the cape, as I will now be a young professional and no longer a student, struggling with books and a laptop to carry, I will be able to wear the unpractical but how so chic cape. The one I have in mind is a navy blue with camel leather trimmings by Topshop.

And finally the shoes, what kind of Autumn wardrobe is complete without boots? I know they are not particularly in but cowboy boots are some sort of a personal obsession of mine. I have my eyes on a second hand pair in brown and black that I know will look deadly with tea dresses and tights.


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