Naked Body Care

My work location allowing for very little shopping destinations at present, I am often found browsing my local Boots store. I was looking for a very plain shampoo recently and came across a brand I had previously never heard of: Naked Body Care. The brand’s unique characteristic is that its products are 97% natural, they use no harsh chemicals, silicone or paraben. My hair had started to feel very very dull after using a strong TIGI salon shampoo and conditioner. I gave The  Sensitive Scalp shampoo and conditioner a go and it was as if all the dullness had been lifted from my hair at once.

I have now realised that Paraben was the culprit in my case, it makes my hair feel like it weighs a ton and look greasy, also it really irritates my scalp.

I have since given a whole lot of their products a go. Some you will not find in Boots but their website is great and very enjoyable to navigate.

Their Coco de Mer products are incredible, that smell is so addictive and the product in itself really does a good job of keeping you winter skin well moisturised.

Having recently converted to Ombre hair, I use their blonde conditioner which helps keep the colour fresh. Because I do all my Ombre at home, I need to give my poor hair a lot of love, their Little Miracle Leave-In Conditioner with Argan oil works very well to keep your hair healthy.

If you want some natural products, which smell heavenly, I would definitely advise giving these amazing products a go, I would never go back to silicon and paraben  laden products now.

Naked Body Care

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